Monday, 13 September 2010

Law of Attraction Tools - What Works?

I've found that asking which Law of Attraction tips and tools work is like asking which size shoe fits. The fact that each of us is unique - not only in the way we're put together, but in the way we've experienced life so far - means that different methods will work for each of us. And since what we experience in life, from childhood, programs beliefs into us, and no two people have exactly the same experiences - or interpret those experiences in the same way - there is no "one size fits all".

The basis of the Law of Attraction is that you attract what you're a vibrational match for. And you know how you're vibrating by how you're feeling. So the simple bottom line of it is, if you want good stuff, make sure you're feeling good most of the time....

However, that's really difficult to do when we're so influenced by our environment and others around us. We can't help feeling frustrated or worried or angry or devistated when certain things happen. And that is the reason for Law of Attraction tools. That is the only reason. We don't need them in order to change our lives using the Law of Attraction, we can do that by just feeling good most of the time. But most of us need help with that.

Different tools - and even more so, different combinations of tools - work for different people. It's important to remember that if something is working for others and it doesn't work for you, it's not that you're doing something wrong or that the tool doesn't work at all, it's just that you tried on a shoe that wasn't your size. :)

The best way to choose Law of Attraction tools is to go with what feels best for you. Do the research, read the feedback from people who have used it, and then take some time to check how you feel. Take some time out and "wear" the decision - imagine you've chosen to go with that particular tool and see how it feels. Then go with what makes you feel good. Many tools are free, and those that aren't often have free trials or money-back policies, so if finances are tight, take this into account of course.

There are a few examples of Law of Attraction tools below. And in the following posts I'll share a few tips which I hope will help you get the best out of whatever tools you choose.

Love and Light and Magic xxx

Law of Attraction Tools:

The Magic Pill Ebooks
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Reprogramming the Subconscious to Achieve Conscious Goals:
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Mind Power Subconscious Programming

Law of Attraction Tips and Coaching from Bob Proctor (from the movie "The Secret"):
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7 Day Free Trial - Bob Proctor Coaching Program

Subliminal Messaging:
Subliminal MP3s on a wide variety of topics

The 11 Forgotten Laws Course:
A series of lecture tracks featuring 11 law of attraction tips by Bob Proctor ("The Secret") about the 11 Forgotten Laws

Laws of the Universe:
"Harness the Hidden Laws of the Universe" - Revolutioniz Course

The Law of Attraction Tips for Money:
Money Beyond Belief Program - Joe Vitale ("The Secret")

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  2. One very effective way to reprogramm your mind is by using the Silva Methode of Jose Silva. It's very specific, raises your energy and incredibly easy. Watch out for it ;-)!