Wednesday, 25 September 2013

I've Moved! :)

Hi :)

I have a new online "home" where I post new insights and tools regularly. It's also interactive, so you can ask questions, and get replies to your concerns and queries. I would love for you to pop in and visit, and join the 8000+ readers already there. And of course, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to post them. There is a lot of information on the page already, including new tools, exercises and tips, great motivation and inspiration... and I'm sure you'll enjoy reading through it all.

Here's the address:


Hope to see you there! :)
Love and Light and Magic xxx

PS: I will of course be leaving this page up, but all new information and updated insights will be posted on the new page.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Inner Hug

This is a very simple, little thing, but it is so powerful, and works instantly, in real time - although the effects continue over a period of time as well, but you can feel the change begin instantly...

inner hugImagine a child you love (or a pet, or anyone you love really), and imagine they're upset/ hurt/ angry/ frustrated/ sad... AND they don't understand your language. Now imagine you're giving them a reassuring hug - a hug to reassure them that no matter what happens, you love them. Take note of what that hug feeeeels like.

Next, imagine you're giving that same hug to yourself. Try to get that same feeeeling.

Now, whenever you're in a situation when you're upset, angry, frustrated, frightened, worried, anxious, sad, dissapointed, hurt, concerned.... etc. imagine giving yourself that same reassuring hug. The hug that says, without words, "I love you no matter what." The more you do it, the easier and more powerful it becomes. Watch the magic. :)

Love and Light and Magic xxx

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Beyond the Magic Pill - A Collection of the Insights of Illusions

Well, I finally got round to doing it! :) Many people have suggested over the years that I put all of my writings into a book, and I've now finally done it!

The book includes everything I've written on the Law of Attraction, Self Love, Unconditional Love and Self Esteem. It includes posts from forums, Q & A sections, experiences from others, exercises, (a good dose of analogies of course ;) ) and simple step-by-step guides.

It's available in hard copy and as Kindle book. I would love to hear your feedback, and of course, please feel free to ask any questions here, in the comments section below.

You can find the book on Amazon - just search for "Beyond the Magic Pill" and it'll come up. Or click this link to go directly there: Beyond the Magic Pill - A Collection of the Insights of Illusions The beautiful cover was designed and created by the fabulous Azeema! :)

Here are a few of the comments from readers:
"You hit on SOOOOOO many issues in my own life experience, you made me laugh and you made me cry! You have given me HOPE, which I KNOW will change my entire life and will make each experience I have with others SOOOOO much better!" - Vicki Eikermann, USA

"Beautiful, descriptive use of metaphor and analogies which makes the material even easier to follow as well as even more enjoyable." Athena, UK

"Whether you know about or believe in the Law of Attraction or not, there is so much common sense advice in here! A must read!" - Dondi, USA

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

A Very Simple Way to Keep Positive

Here's one of the best Law of Attraction tips I can give you. I've found one simple thought to think which helps in feeling positive and loving towards whatever is in your life, which of course in turn helps you to attract what you do want. 

We know that in order to attract what we want we need to be feeling good.
We also know that when we're feeling bad about what is, we're attracting more of that.

Here's one of the simplest law of attraction tips that can help:

"What's happening right now is a result of my previous actions and thoughts, but right now in this morment I'm creating new ones."

It's not so much to say that actual sentence, it's more to grasp the idea of it, litterally just a thought.

Here's the analogy (you knew there had to be one with me! lol)

You found a pack of seeds and you were led to believe they're for red and yellow flowers, so you sprinkle them throughout your garden. But over time, as they start to show one by one, you find that they're a variety of ugly dark weeds.

Then someone gives you the right seeds for the pretty red and yellow flowers, and so you start sprinkling them throughout your garden. You've been told they're stronger than the weeds, and will grow regardless of the weeds.

However, after a day or two, you still see only weeds. This is because many of the weeds you sowed before haven't yet finished growing, some are slower than others, so they're still popping up. And of course, the seeds of the flowers are still busy growing roots - they won't show until they've grown a certain amount and start to show above the ground - and even then, you won't see the flowers for a while, they need time to reach the flowering stage. Over time you'll also start seeing the red and yellow flowers you sowed popping up one by one in between the weeds.

So when you see a new weed, you can remind yourself that it's from the seeds you sowed before, and that you're now sowing the flower seeds each day, so soon, as long as you don't sow any more weed seeds, and you continue sowing flower seeds, eventually all the weeds will have grown and died off, and you'll be left with a garden full of flowers. :)

Hope this law of attraction tip helps you as much as it's helped me.
Love and Light and Magic xxx

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Law of Attraction tips on how to get your "stuff"

A Tale of Two Countries
There are two countries. Most of us live in Whatis.... and all the stuff we want resides in Happiness. The stuff we want cannot leave Happiness because if it did, it would change form and become the same as the rest of the stuff in Whatis. Happiness is what makes the stuff what it is. So WE have to travel to Happiness to get the stuff in person.

The Routes Between the Two Countries
There are many, many roads between the two countries - all of them one-ways, but there are two main highways leading from Whatis to Happiness, and they are called Unconditional Love and the Happiness Highway itself. Both of these lead directly to Happiness, from Whatis, and are the fastest route there, but there are many minor roads which also lead there, indirectly, along the scenic routes.

Where's My Stuff?
Now, because most people have no idea that all the stuff they've ordered and created is located in Happiness, they spend most of their time searching through Whatis for it. And they often end up getting terribly lost, wandering around the maze of roads. Roads like Worry Crescent, Frustration Way, Impatience Drive, Angry Walk, Depression Avenue, and the many others like them. And when they're not in that maze of roads, they're drifting through Bland Valley without even realising it.

But no matter how long they spend searching through Whatis, no matter how many roads they go down, no matter how determined they are, as long as they stay in Whatis, of course, they're never going to get to their stuff - because it's not there, it's in a completely different country.

Fed Up 
And sometimes, people get fed up, and so they sit on the side of the road and wait for their stuff to come to them. But it can't. If it leaves Happiness, it's different stuff.

What? No Transport?
And everyone has been given the impression that in fact they CAN'T get to Happiness on their own. They can't just go there. They have to wait for their stuff and their stuff will take them there.  But the truth is, their stuff is already there. And not only are they ABLE to go there on their own, but it's really the ONLY WAY to move there. ;)

Following Signs 
Sometimes, in their wanderings, people find themselves on one of the roads to Happiness - sometimes it's one of the main highways, many times it's one of the minor routes.. sometimes it's by accident, sometimes it's on purpose. But because they don't realise that's the ONLY place to find their stuff, they usually turn off onto one of the one-ways leading back to Whatis when they see the signs to Whatis - even though the signs are pointing in the opposite direction to where they want to go. And so they end up on one of the roads leading back to Whatis, like the Disappointment Freeway.

Moving Day
And so they keep ending up back in Whatis. But, once they find out that while they stay in Whatis, they'll never get their stuff because it won't - can't - ever come to them in Whatis, that they have to move to Happiness to get it (they're bound to visit Whatis sometimes of course - vacations and so on ;) ) - THEN they can find the route they prefer, and make the move. And they also then know that when they accidently follow the signs that lead back to Whatis, they can turn around and get back on the right road again, leading towards Happiness, where their stuff waits for them.

Permanent Resident
And once they make the move to Happiness, then at least they're in the right country, and then, while they wander around, sight-seeing in that beautiful place - Fun Alley, Easy Street, the shores of the Fanta Sea, and the peaks of Mt. Laughter, and all the other wonderful experiences Happiness provides - while they're doing that, they're in the right country for THEIR STUFF to FIND THEM! ;)

Go get your stuff! :)
Love and Light and Magic xxx

Monday, 13 September 2010

Why Are Results Taking So Long?

Many people ask for law of attraction tips on why it takes soooo long for their desires to manifest - even when they believe they're doing everything "right". So.....
Today's Question: "Why is it taking so long to see results. Sometimes I think things have changed, but then something happens and it's like I'm back to square one!"

Remember, even when you consciously decide to do something, and consciously change a pattern, the 90% of you that is unconscious (programmed, doesn't think for itself) didn't get the memo yet!!! It takes a while......There's no way of knowing how long it will take for anyone's unconscious to catch up with the conscious decisions. The only time you'll know is when you see some kind of result - then you'll know, ah, more of me has now caught up ; )

But the good news is, it won't be a case of all 90% all the time. Different aspects will change at different times and it will probably be gradual. And it will be different for different changes.

For example, imagine a coffee shop. Every day for the past twenty years, a particular customer has come in at 11am and ordered a black coffee with four sugars. All the staff know him, and he no longer needs to order. As soon as the staff see him, they make a black coffee with four sugars, and serve it to him.

Then one day, he changes his order. When they bring him the coffee, he tells them he no longer wants sugar in it. Now, the next time he comes in, one of two things happen: either, the same staff member serves him, but is so in the habit of putting four sugars in the coffee, she goes ahead and does it automatically and has to be reminded by the customer - no sugar. Or..... a different staff member - who hasn't been told about the change, will automatically make the coffee - black with four sugars.

So, it depends on how many staff members there are, and what kind of communication exists between them. It will also depend on each individual staff member, and their own individual ability to get out of the habit, as to how long it will be before it becomes automatic for the customer to receive a black coffee with NO sugar.

During this transition, he may sometimes get black coffee without sugar, and then get four sugars again. Sometimes he may get two sugars, because the staff member caught herself half-way through putting sugar in, and stopped.

But each time he comes in, he's getting closer to what he wants, because each time he comes in and the coffee is made - even when they accidently put sugar in it, the message is getting more and more ingrained.

And then one day, he'll walk in and his coffee will be automatically served without sugar, and the next day, it will happen again..... and so it will become the norm.

Now.... here's another example - and this explains the difference between the subject matter. Imagine a Railway Junction. There are two workers who control the signals at this railway junction. Both have been doing this for twenty years. Every day for twenty years, two trains come from opposite directions at 4pm. And every day for twenty years, the controller on duty has set the signal for the East-bound train to stop, in order to allow the West-bound train through, before then giving the green signal to the East-bound one.

One day, both controllers receive a message to say there's a new addition to the track, and from now on, you don't need to stop the East-bound train - there is a new track for it.

Now, imagine how long it's going to take for those controllers to trust that new instruction - considering that if it's not true, or if it's an error, the trains will crash and people will be killed.

So in this senario, unlike the coffee shop where it was just a case of everyone getting the message and getting into the new habit - in this senario you've got the Danger element as well!! And THAT will take longer. These controllers may need to receive that message many times before they believe and trust it.

And one of the controllers may be more trusting than the other, so he may one day allow the train through - and that will work fine. But the other controller may not hear about it, so he may continue to hang onto the old instructions for a while longer - "just in case".

But no matter how long it takes, if he continues to get the message, he will eventually trust that it is true and not a mistake, and/or he will hear about the success from the other controller. And he too will then make the change.

We have no idea of what our cells consider "dangerous" - for example, trusting may feel dangerous - that may be the equivilant to some of our cells, of changing the train signals after all these years.

After allllll these years of not trusting, now suddenly they're told they can trust, well it will take a while for that to get through. Whereas, getting into the habit of noticing the good stuff day-to-day would be more like the coffee shop - a habit change.

So the best thing we can do is to remind ourselves that this is what is happening behind the scenes, and to be patient with ourselves. Know that the message is getting through, and that the results will begin to show as each part of you receives, and trusts the message. The more understanding and patient you are, the easier and faster the changes will happen because the less stress, the more effective the changes.

So, if you're seeing erratic results, even though you have been changing your thinking and trying so hard..... remember, around 90% of you didn't get the memo yet - some of that 90% may have got it by now, some of it may need to be reminded a few times, and some of you may just need time to trust that it's safe to think that way. I hope this makes sense. But do let me know if you need more clarity on it.

So, to clarify, the law of attraction tips from today are: Be patient with yourself, remind yourself that the message is still being processed - it takes time to reach all of you, and follow what feels good in the moment - every moment.

Love and Light and Magic xxx

Getting Past Stubborn Negative Beliefs

I've had people ask me before for law of attraction tips on how to deal with beliefs that are so engrained, that seem so real that they have trouble accepting anything new.

Whatever our subconscious is doing (and subconscious beliefs take time and experimenting to change since none of us really knows the cause of any specific subconscious belief - I once knew a man who was terrified of bananas and had no idea why) we DO have control over our conscious thoughts and decisions. And we make a choice to either continue on the same path, or to change at least our conscious thoughts.

An Elephant Never Forgets

Have you ever seen an elephant, staked at a circus ground? Have you ever wondered how that stake holds such a huge, strong animal? Did you know that often, when it's time to move on, the handler tells the elephant to pull the stake, and the animal uses its trunk to pull the stake out of the ground itself!!

So, why doesn't the elephant just pull the stake out any old time he wants to go for a wander?

Because he's been taught that he can't - except for when the handler instructs him to. Isn't that Amazing, looking from our perspective? An animal that big, and that strong, is PHYSICALLY held in place - by a BELIEF!

Now, we, on the outside of that elephant's experience, can see the Truth. The truth is that the elephant is perfectly capable of setting himself free whenever he wants to. But from inside his perspective, he doesn't know that. And his belief is that he is chained and unable to wander off.

If the elephant could speak and reason, he would insist that he has no choice. He would insist that he is unable to walk away. If we said to him, but you can just pull the stake out with your trunk, he would answer "I can't! I can't do that! My whole life this stake has held me here. I believe in this stake, I mean look - it's there! It's in the ground, and my foot is chained to it. You can see it with your own eyes. The handler used a hammer to knock it into the ground. It's obvious I can't just pull it out. It's always held me here!" and he would reason it out. He would defend that belief that he is trapped - because that is his reality.

Now, if the elephant was happy where he was, and his handler was kind to him, and he was well cared for, then we might just look at the situation, and find it interesting, and we wouldn't try and convince the elephant of what we know. And it wouldn't matter what the elephant believes because he's happy.


If the elephant is unhappy, if he feels trapped, or if he is ill-treated, it would be very frustrating trying to convince him that he is capable of ending his suffering if he would only choose to change his belief.

Now the problem is, that there is no way this elephant can know the truth - he's been programmed to believe in the stake. And why should he trust us?

Let's say, another elephant actually did set himself free. And he tries to explain this to the trapped elephant. He says "I did it - it's absolutely possible! The stake is not keeping you trapped, your belief in it is!"

But the trapped elephant says, "But no-one knows that for sure!" The free elephant says, "Hey, that's true, and we'll never know for sure until we become human and we put the stakes in ourselves, but what I do know, is that when I changed my belief in the stake, I pulled it out with my trunk, and now I'm free!"

Then the other elephant has a choice - to find a way to change his beliefs ... or to continue believing in the stake. But the key word here is CHOICE.

He either CHOOSES to change or he CHOOSES to remain the same. Either way he is making his own choice.

He may not know HOW to change his belief, but the minute he TRULY decides that he WILL change his belief.... all manner of information and tools come his way.

Maybe he starts to notice things he didn't before - like the fact that when his handler instructs him to pull the stake out of the ground to go to the water ... he may now become aware of how he does it, whereas before it was automatic. He may notice that when it's been raining and the ground is wet, the stake practically pulls itself out! He may begin to notice that his handler is too weak to push the broken down truck, and gets the elephant to do it - and this time, because of his awareness, he may begin to get a better idea of his own strength.... and so on.

Once he's chosen to change his beliefs, he begins to become open and to notice more.

But if he makes the CHOICE to continue with his current belief just because he believes it at the moment, and because even though he hates his life, the belief makes sense to him... then he will be living in that perspective and he'll never become aware of all the bits of information that make the NEW belief make more sense.

Every single moment of human consciousness is a choice. You can start making the choices that make you feel good! :)

Today's law of attraction tip: Keep reminding yourself that you ALWAYS have a choice - even though it's very difficult at times, it's always a choice. :)

Love and Light and Magic xxx