Tuesday, 28 December 2010

A Very Simple Way to Keep Positive

Here's one of the best Law of Attraction tips I can give you. I've found one simple thought to think which helps in feeling positive and loving towards whatever is in your life, which of course in turn helps you to attract what you do want. 

We know that in order to attract what we want we need to be feeling good.
We also know that when we're feeling bad about what is, we're attracting more of that.

Here's one of the simplest law of attraction tips that can help:

"What's happening right now is a result of my previous actions and thoughts, but right now in this morment I'm creating new ones."

It's not so much to say that actual sentence, it's more to grasp the idea of it, litterally just a thought.

Here's the analogy (you knew there had to be one with me! lol)

You found a pack of seeds and you were led to believe they're for red and yellow flowers, so you sprinkle them throughout your garden. But over time, as they start to show one by one, you find that they're a variety of ugly dark weeds.

Then someone gives you the right seeds for the pretty red and yellow flowers, and so you start sprinkling them throughout your garden. You've been told they're stronger than the weeds, and will grow regardless of the weeds.

However, after a day or two, you still see only weeds. This is because many of the weeds you sowed before haven't yet finished growing, some are slower than others, so they're still popping up. And of course, the seeds of the flowers are still busy growing roots - they won't show until they've grown a certain amount and start to show above the ground - and even then, you won't see the flowers for a while, they need time to reach the flowering stage. Over time you'll also start seeing the red and yellow flowers you sowed popping up one by one in between the weeds.

So when you see a new weed, you can remind yourself that it's from the seeds you sowed before, and that you're now sowing the flower seeds each day, so soon, as long as you don't sow any more weed seeds, and you continue sowing flower seeds, eventually all the weeds will have grown and died off, and you'll be left with a garden full of flowers. :)

Hope this law of attraction tip helps you as much as it's helped me.
Love and Light and Magic xxx

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