Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Inner Hug

This is a very simple, little thing, but it is so powerful, and works instantly, in real time - although the effects continue over a period of time as well, but you can feel the change begin instantly...

inner hugImagine a child you love (or a pet, or anyone you love really), and imagine they're upset/ hurt/ angry/ frustrated/ sad... AND they don't understand your language. Now imagine you're giving them a reassuring hug - a hug to reassure them that no matter what happens, you love them. Take note of what that hug feeeeels like.

Next, imagine you're giving that same hug to yourself. Try to get that same feeeeling.

Now, whenever you're in a situation when you're upset, angry, frustrated, frightened, worried, anxious, sad, dissapointed, hurt, concerned.... etc. imagine giving yourself that same reassuring hug. The hug that says, without words, "I love you no matter what." The more you do it, the easier and more powerful it becomes. Watch the magic. :)

Love and Light and Magic xxx

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